A baptism family

Baptism and a Christening are different words used to mean the same thing. Both adults and children can be baptised in the Church of England to mark the beginning of their faith journey. Where an adult is baptised it is normal for them to go on to be Confirmed "as soon as possible".

Any person can be baptised in any church but the Church of England expects that a person would normally be baptised in their parish church i.e. the one closest to where they live. There is no charge for baptism although there may be a requirement for some formal preparation and/or the expectation that those wishing to be baptised attend church prior to the event itself.

Our usual practice is to invite families to come to a Sunday service for a "Thanksgiving" ceremony (an opportunity to welcome the new child and give thanks for her/his life). This can be arranged at quite short notice. This gives you a chance to meet us and we can then proceed to preparing for a baptism/christening if desired (some families find that a thanksgiving is all they really want).

Baptisms normally happen as part of the main Sunday service (10:30am) on 2nd Sundays in Brampton, and in Grafham and Ellington by arrangement. We cannot offer a private baptism service unless justified by exceptional circumstances.

Full details of what to expect and answers to common questions can be found at Church of England Christenings. You can also see some photographs taken at baptisms in the parish here and here.

If you'd like to arrange a baptism you can contact us using our Baptism Enquiry Form:


Our Baptism Policy