Published on Sat, 18 Nov 2017 17:46

Beginning in January next year there will be some changes to service times and patterns in the parish. These will affect all three churches. The PCC believe these changes are necessary because: 

1) The current, inherited pattern was devised for our churches when things were quite different from now. 

2) We want to encourage our churches to grow whilst serving the communities in Brampton, Ellington and Grafham. Before we can grow we must examine what we are currently doing. 

3) These changes are part of a wider plan across the whole parish which will, in the future, include: reviewing our stewardship arrangements, reimagining our buildings and mission to the three villages. 

 In brief, the headline changes are: 

1) Replacing our two Sunday morning services at Brampton with a single service of Holy Communion at 10:30am. We hope this will enable more people to attend the morning service. 

2) Changing all Sunday morning service times to 10:30am across the parish for greater consistency. 

3) Introducing an informal Sunday evening service at Brampton at 6:30pm with a longer sermon/teaching and extended worship (initially twice a month on first and third Sundays but possibly more frequently if numbers support this).

4) At Grafham and Ellington there will be one, lay led, service per month plus an All Together service of Holy Communion every three months. 

5) So we can bring the congregations from the churches closer together we will also be holding more frequent all together services. To do this we will change from the 5th Sunday to the 4th so we will be sure to be together every month. We will still be moving between the churches and always offering Holy Communion at this service. 

The PCC is excited and positive about the changes and hope you are too. It also believes that no change would ultimately lead to further decline and possibly closure for one or more of our churches, and we don’t want that. A leaflet has been produced which you can read by clicking this link

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