Published by Michael Bigg on Mon, 10 Sep 2018 11:23

Dee Wormald reflects on the Quiet Day held at Ferrar House on 1st September.

We were delighted with the numbers from our 3 churches who attended Ferrar House Retreat Centre in the beautiful rolling countryside of Little Gidding on Saturday 1st September.   Some 25 of us participated in the day.

The feedback has been very positive - as follows:  The day was well organised and fulfilled all expectations of an amazing experience in the stillness of God.  Our leader, Catherine from the Ridley Hall in Cambridge, was indeed inspirational and many of her wise words have lodged themselves in our memories.

Catherine led us with Ephesians 4 1-6 and expanded on 'staying put' in terms of developing in maturity in faith and being in community etc.  Also we were asked to dwell on spending time with God as to how we honestly were feeling and how has God provided for us as individuals.

 There was much time set aside for private prayer and meditation in the beautiful, tranquil and spiritual gardens of Ferrar House which made for a perfect setting.

 It wasn't just a closeness with God but the importance of the building of friendships and putting names to faces in our three Churches.

 The day provided something for everyone - individual quiet periods led by Catherine's wise and spiritual words which at the same time had flexibility for people to socialise if they wanted to.... more so than a quick coffee after a church service.

 We agreed there should be silence within the confines of the house to give opportunity for those who wanted the serenity of being with God.  Small groups broke out in the garden to discuss spiritual matters and then there were those who wanted to sit alone in a quiet corner of the garden.

 Our teas / coffee / cake and lunch were splendidly provided by the Manager, Sue and we couldn't have been made to feel more welcome in Ferrar House.

 We are all very much looking forward to the next Quiet Day.

 A big thank you must go to Mike for organising the day - well done!

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