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The text of Mike's December 2018 article for parish magazines...

Picture the scene. It’s the middle of winter and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are off to Sandringham for the weekend. It’s late at night and they are returning from a fancy dress party. The roads are quiet. All of a sudden a freak snow-storm descends; driving becomes a real challenge. At this moment they are driving up the A1 near Brampton Hut services and so the driver makes the decision to pull off the road and wait until the weather clears.

It quickly becomes clear that Meghan and Harry will be at Brampton Hut for a while as the snow continues to deepen… Then Meghan feels a twinge. The baby is coming. Harry dashes out to find somewhere for his wife to go to deliver the baby, but there is no room at the Premier Inn. However, a concerned truck driver has an empty trailer and offers this heavily pregnant lady a space.

It is there, in a trailer, with a few cardboard boxes for comfort, that the Duchess of Sussex gives birth to the child who is 7th in line to the British throne. The baby’s first visitors are not royalty and other dignitaries, but truckers and the lady who has just finished cleaning at Gregg’s. The hospitality of the Lindo Wing is replaced with a meal from McDonalds…
It sounds totally ridiculous, doesn’t it? And yet, this is essentially the story that Christians celebrate each year at Christmas time. The eternal Son of God (not just 7th in line to the throne but King of Kings) is born among us. He is born not into stately palaces, but an outbuilding. Not at the centre of power or prestige but in a fairly obscure outpost of a minor province in the Roman Empire. He is greeted not by kings and queens but by shepherds – normal, common people.

It is through this child that we will learn that God does not sit aloof from human concerns and interests. Instead, God comes and lives in the very midst of human life as one of us. Through this child we discover that God is with us, God is for us, God is on our side, God won’t give up on us.

That’s why we tell the story each year: that God loved us so much that He sent His own son to be with us.

Why not come along and hear the story again this year? We have a whole range of events from the traditional carol services and crib services, to “Beer and Carols”, “Curry and Carols”, “Messy Advent”, “Blue Christmas” and more. There’s something for everyone and we’d love to welcome you to join with us as we remember the story and “Follow the Star”.

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Merry Christmas!

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