Published by Michael Bigg on Thu, 10 Jan 2019 15:00

Each Church of England parish has an "Electoral Roll" of people who live and/or worship in the parish and who are thereby entitled to contribute and vote at the annual meeting, and are allowed to serve on the PCC etc. Every 6 years every parish needs to produce a new Electoral Roll from scratch and 2019 is the year for doing this.

As a result everybody who would like to be on the electoral roll needs to complete an application form (including those who are already on the roll).

The notice period for completing new applications has now begun and closes on Wednesday 27th Feb 2019. You can find the formal notice for this process here.

In order to be eligible for the Electoral Roll you must:

  • Be 16 or over
  • Be baptised
    • be a member of the Church of England (the definition of "member" is fairly loose) and live in the parish (ie. Brampton, Grafham or Ellington) 
    • OR
    • live outside the parish but habitually worship in the parish in the last 6 months

To apply please download and fill in this application form (paper copies are available in all 3 churches). Completed forms are then to be returned to the Electoral Roll Officer (Karen Large, 57 West End, Brampton, PE28 4SF), the Church Warden (Keith Wood), a priest (Jason or Mike). If you are in Grafham or Ellington you may pass the form to either Hazel Powell or Ann Davies respectively.

Alternatively you can scan and email the completed form to Karen (

Please contact Karen, Mike or Jason if you have any questions.

For reference the APCM will be on Sunday 17th March 2019, as part of the Sunday morning service in Brampton (10:30am).

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