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This year's Annual Parochial Church Meeting [APCM] (including the "Meeting of Parishioners") will be on Sunday 17th March and will form part of the 10:30am service at St Mary's Brampton. You can find the formal notice for the APCM here and for the meeting of parishioners here. (The "meeting of parishioners" extends to all who live in the parish and its main purpose is to elect Church Wardens - in practical terms it forms part of the APCM).

Annual Report

The Annual Report for 2018 is available here. Please take the time to read it in advance of the APCM. Many thanks go to Karen Large for compiling this report, and to all those who have contributed.

Elections to the PCC

We are on the lookout for up to 7 new members of the PCC (three current members are finishing their elected term, two were co-opted for a year and there is room for a further two). If seven or fewer nominations are made then those people will be appointed, if more than seven then elections will take place. The term of office is 3 years.

Completed nomination forms should be given to Jason or Mike ahead of the meeting. The form is available here and copies are in the churches. To be eligible for PCC you must:

  • be on the electoral roll (and have been on roll for 6 months - if you would like to consider serving on the PCC but haven't been on roll for 6 months we may be able to co-opt you in certain circumstances).
  • be an actual communicant member of the church (ie. you turn up regularly)
  • be 16 or over

Please ask a current member of the PCC if you have any questions! (Marissa Harris, Ann Davies, Richard Howells, Dee Wormald, John Rowley, Frankie SteadGill Stratton, Gill Stracey, Ian Stracey, Ken Mackenzie).

Church Warden Elections

Nominations for Church Warden are also welcome. Wardens are automatically part of the PCC and serve in a variety of ways. We have up to two Church Wardens and nomination forms are here. Speak to our current warden (Keith Wood) if you'd like to know more about the role.

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