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"Church and Me" is a project that aims to help us get to know each other a little better and to promote something of what we do as a church. The idea is that members of the church(es) tell us something about themselves, their journey of faith, how they are involved in church life and what church means to them.

If you would like to contribute something of your own story then just click here and fill in the form!

It's entirely up to you as to how you tell your story. Below are some questions that might help you think about what to say. You might like to answer particular questions, or write something much more free-flowing. It doesn't have to be particularly long, but a reflection of ordinary Christian people going about their life.

  • Which would you call your "home" church? (Brampton, Grafham or Ellington)
  • How long have you been part of the church here and how did you come to get involved?
  • How did you come to faith?
  • What's your favourite thing about Sunday services?
  • What do you like about the church in general?
  • How has being part of this church helped your faith to grow?
  • Why is your faith / church important to you?
  • In what ways are you involved in church life?
  • Are you part of a home group? What's that like?
  • Tell us about a favourite memory you have from church
  • How would you like to see the church develop over the coming years?
  • What do you think the church is here for?
  • What do you get up to when you're not in church?
  • Summarise your experience of church in 10 words.

New contributions always welcome - just click here to add your story!

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