Published on Mon, 27 May 2019 12:00

When we came to live in Grafham 12 years ago I was delighted to see that the village church was such a charming building, set in a pleasant rural idyll. My first visit was to the Carol Service in 2006. It wasn't long before I was drawn into the friendly group of parishioners which exists here and subsequently joined the PCC.

I come from a Christian family and my parents were leading members of our parish church in south London so to be part of a church community is second nature to me.

When the Quinquennial Inspection of 2009 was completed it became hard to find someone to take on board the project management of restoration. I felt drawn to do something to help. Together with our excellent church architect and another villager we made an application to English Heritage for funding. When this was achieved and the restoration became a reality I was truly thankful. I'm sure God was with us because the day the builders came to inspect the roof was the only day that month it didn't rain!

When a vacancy occurred for a churchwarden I felt a calling to volunteer. With the encouragement and help of the two previous excellent churchwardens I agreed to become churchwarden and held the post for 6 years. I remained on the PCC for 10 years but then decided to take a "rest" although I am still very much involved with planning and leading the Family Service together with a small team. We take it in turns to "do the talk". This has been an inspiring way of making me read my bible more and consider the prayers and hymns to complement the services.

I am also happy to "stand by" for any unexpected events that may occur from day to day and to liaise with Jason and Mike when necessary. A particular love of mine is to run the Flower Club. Having been taught some basic flower arranging by a florist who used to live in the village a group of us decorate the church for festivals and weddings. We also have a rota of volunteers to provide the church with flowers throughout the year.

Grafham church is very much part of my life. I have made many friends and it is good to see how service attendances have grown. I particularly like the Taize services which we now have each month, plus the mid-week communions. Certainly the church should be the centre of any community. It is a little sad that many folk regard their church as a place for "other people". We are very lucky to welcome to our services holidaymakers from the campsite. We also have many visitors from the cycle track as our visitors book bears witness with the complimentary comments.

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