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Which would you call your "home" church? (Brampton, Grafham or Ellington)
Hmm - bit of a difficult one that, seeing as I started attending Brampton but now lead services in Ellington every month... Do I really have to choose one? But seriously, I think feeling that I don’t really have one “Home” church is a good indicator that we are really being able to feel like a single “Family” – which is what it should be. 

How long have you been part of the church here and how did you come to get involved? Well my daughter got involved with the church youth group, and originally I just came along to say thank you to these nice people that were taking her to Spring Harvest and Soul Survivor - and then I sort of stayed

What do you like about the church in general?
The chance to enjoy being with God and sharing that with a bunch of like minded people. 

How has being part of this church helped your faith to grow?
This is meant to be a short snappy article right?? Not enough space here for that one! But without this church and all the lovely people in it, I am sure my faith would not have flourished the way it has done over the past 8 years or so.

In what ways are you involved in church life?
I am an Authorised Lay Minister, which means that I help to lead and plan church services. I have been doing this since 2014 and started in quite a small way, but am now leading and planning at least one service a month at Ellington. I also sing with the band and try to be at the Grafham service to help with the music there. Getting involved with both Ellington and Grafham churches since we became a single parish has been a great way to get to know people in those villages better. I sing with our church “pop up” choir at Christmas and other times, which is something that I love doing, as music for me is a really key part of worship that brings me closer to God.

Are you part of a home group? What's that like?
I go to the Bible study group on Monday nights, where we pray together and then study the Bible. We usually choose a book and then do it over several weeks - or longer depending on the book. But we have also studied themes such as the History of the Jewish people. We usually have quite deep discussions and even if it is a well known part of the Bible, we always find something new and fresh in it.

Tell us about a favourite memory you have from church
Well, it isn’t actually from this church, but I met my husband in church, and I’m sure you can appreciate that is a pretty lovely memory.

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