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One thing that Jason and Mike regularly preach about is the idea that the church isn't really about what goes on in ancient buildings on Sunday morning. At its heart, the church is the people of God being the "body of Christ" out in the world around us and sharing something of the good news and generosity of God in Christ.

Out of Church Sunday

Therefore we're planning something different on Sunday 30th June. It's the 5th Sunday of the month and there would usually be a 10:30am Holy Communion at Brampton. However, as it will be a nice, sunny, summer day we won't be having a morning service but we're instead encouraging you, the congregation, to go out and serve the people around you in some way.

There are a few projects in the pipeline that you might like to get involved in:

  • There's a small project in Brampton to support someone who is struggling to keep on top of their garden
  • There's a litter-pick planned
  • Some people might go and spend time in Hilary Lodge or The Manor in Brampton.
  • Please contact Mike if you'd like to be involved in any of these.

If you've got your own ideas then please go ahead and organise yourselves! Get a group of friends together, or work as a home group. If you have an idea and need some help to put it together then please contact Mike (

However, it doesn't have to be a group project. Maybe you could go and visit someone you know who might be lonely. Perhaps you could invite your neighbours round for coffee and cake. Perhaps you could buy some ice-creams, stick them in a cool-box and give them out to people on the street(?!)

There's a form here to help us organise things - please let us know what you hope to do.

If you can't get out for whatever reason, then what not spend the morning praying for out villages and the people in them?

Be creative! Be kind! Be generous! (And do let us know what you have planned!)

Church Picnic

Having a Sunday morning out of church isn't all that's planned. The Letter to the Hebrews exhorts the people not to neglect meeting together. Therefore we're planning a Church Picnic / barbecue on the afternoon of Sunday 30th from 3pm onwards. It'll happen at Grafham Water and we've negotiated free parking for anyone who wants to come. (You can request a free parking permit here).

We hope that this will be a nice opportunity to gather together and share fellowship.

Please bring some food and drinks (there'll be a barbecue to cook things on if needed), bring games, bring chairs, and we'll all have a lovely afternoon together.

For anyone who wants an opportunity to worship there'll be Ellington Songs of Praise at 6pm, to which all are welcome.

If you want to come it's helpful if you can fill out the bottom half of this form so that we can plan.

Please email Mike if you have any questions, ideas or anything else! (

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