Published on Fri, 7 Jun 2019 12:00

The performances by our enthusiastic and happy Brampton Village Primary School choir and orchestra members, who sang and played beautifully and impressed everyone with their impeccable behaviour, were the highlight of this year's Musical Tea on the 19th May.

Thank you very much indeed to all those talented children.  Thank you also to their families and teachers whose goodwill, energy, and expertise enabled them to entertain us so charmingly.

Another ingredient contributing to the success of the event was the mouthwatering array of delicious treats to keep everyone refreshed.  Thank you so much to the staunch supporters who kept the production to its usual high standard!

Donations received at the Musical Tea total £280 which will be added to the coins collected by those who have counted their blessings this Lent.  The coin counting has commenced but will take some time so any further contributions will be most welcome and very gratefully received.

Thank you for whatever you have done to help make a difference to people whose lives are shattered by war, famine, disease, or natural disaster.

Lives will be improved or saved!

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