Published by Michael Bigg on Sun, 22 Mar 2020 18:59

We had a wonderful time this morning worshipping God together connected by the internet. (If you weren't able to watch in person then you can catch up by clicking here.)

Thank you for all the lovely feedback that we've received about the service. It was greatly encouraging to hear of families separated physically but able to join together in worship. People watched from all 3 of our villages, but also Cambridge, Cornwall, Royston, Lymington and even as far as Belgium! Our estimates are that about 80-100 people tuned in as we worshipped together. We shared the peace using text messages and the phone (at least one person got so engrossed in conversation that the end of the service was missed!) Even the Rural Dean joined us in worship. People also noted that it was good to be warm in "church" for a change...

We're aware of a few items of feedback that we'll respond to below:

  • Couldn't hear the Bible reading: This was a mistake our end; Jason's microphone wasn't turned up high enough and we'll fix it for next week.
  • YouTube was "buffering" a lot: This could be a problem with the speed of your internet connection. If you click the "cog" icon on the video while streaming you should be able to change the quality.
  • Can't see / add to the comments: This is probably because you need to "log in" to YouTube to comment. If you have a Google account (which most of you will) please log in to YouTube and you should be able to add comments / prayer requests.

What next?

We hope to continue live streaming services while this pandemic unfolds. There are various things you can do to help.

  • Invite others! If you know anyone who would normally attend church but can't at the moment then invite them along! Details of upcoming services will be listed here.
  • Let Mike know of any good hymn choices (hymns are less likely to come up against copyright problems).
  • If you have a decent USB HD webcam sitting around at home, please can we borrow it? If so, please get in touch!

And finally - here are two pictures drawn by one of the children in response to the Gospel reading today...

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