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One discipline that will be good for me while we're in "lockdown" is starting to read the Bible in One Year.

Every day there's an Old Testament reading, a Psalm or Proverb and a New Testament reading. The idea is that it's easily manageable, and they give some reflections on the passages we read too.

My plan is read the passages daily and then have you all discuss them with me! I;m starting on Monday 30th. The reading plan and discussion group is available at Please come and join me as a good daily discipline to start when many of our normal routines have gone out of the window. (You might need to make a account - that's no bad thing). Accept my invitation by clicking here.

Use the YouVersion Bible app on your phone, or log in using your laptop. You can read each passage, and the devotional, then click into the "Talk it over" section to add your comments and thoughts to share with others.

By sharing the process together in this way it's much more likely that we'll stick with it past Genesis! It's not the end of the world if you miss a few days here and there, the intention counts.

It would be wonderful if you could print off the readings and commentary and post them through the door of someone who doesn't have access to the technology!

My thought for the day

Here are some thoughts from day 85, which I happened to read today.

Start off by reading the set passages and commentary here.

The theme of generosity really struck me while reading. It's been heartening in recent weeks to see people being extraordinarily generous in a time of crisis (both in terms of giving and in terms of time and care). This has come from people across the community and has shown a level of neighbourliness and concern for others (even others we don't know) that I haven't seen for a long time. The church has demonstrated significant care and concern for those who are vulnerable, and I know of several examples of amazing generosity. Every time I've called someone to ask them to keep an eye on someone who might be isolated I've been told, "Don't worry, I'm already doing that!"

But the biblical vision of generosity is not just a case of being generous when crisis strikes (wonderful though that is). The biblical vision is of generosity being a way of life that is characterised by self-giving and concern for others. The Diocese of Ely strapline is: "We pray to be the generous and visible people of Jesus Christ". This is not an aspiration to be achieved only in times of emergency, but as a life-long habit and orientation, because God is a God of endless generosity.

So when life starts to "go back to normal", will our generosity go back in its box? I hope not. Jesus said that the world will know his disciples by the way in which they love one another. Will the churches in this parish be know for lavish generosity, care and concern for others, or will it be an arcane social club?

At some point the PCC will start to think about what kind of new Rector is needed when Jason moves to Gloucester. Now is the time to start to building new ways to be the generous and visible people of Jesus Christ in this place.

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