To marry in a Church of England parish you need to have what is known as a Qualifying Connection. Usually this means that you (or your parents) are or have been resident in the parish which, in our case, means one of the villages of Brampton, Ellington and Grafham. If you have a qualifying connection in one of our villages you can choose to get married in any of our churches. One of the clergy will be happy to explain more about this and you can get in touch via the Contact Us page.

If one or both of you has been divorced then the clergy might want to discuss this with you, but you can still probably be married under the same qualifying conditions as above.

Belonging to another faith that is not Christian is not a barrier, but you must have the normal Christian service. 

We are sorry that Church of England clergy are not yet permitted to carry out same-sex marriages. 

All the other information you might need can be found at Your Church Wedding.